• IT Security

    IT security as a holistic concept. Considering each customer individually within their scope of protection needs.
  • IT Security
We understand IT security as a holistic concept and consider each company individually within the scope of protection needs, analyzes of the IT infrastructure as well as the communication channels. As a result, we develop organizational security concepts and implement technical security mechanisms that meet the legal requirements for communication and data security.
  • Concept and planning services
IT security - concept and planning
  • Conducting audits to analyze existing IT security
  • Planning, development and adaptation of IT security concepts
  • Advice on the selection and acquisition of security-relevant hardware and software
  • Documentation services
  • Endpoint security
IT security - Endpoint security
The term endpoint security refers to the protection of terminal equipment against malware and spyware. Among the classic devices include for example laptops, PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  • Installation and configuration of endpoint security software such as internet security software as well as malware and virus scanners
  • Installation and configuration of endpoint encryption solutions
  • Firewalls and security gateways
IT security - Firewalls and security gateways
In the area of ​​firewall and security gateways, we offer the installation and configuration of the following components:
  • Firewall systems
  • Mobile Device Management Appliances
  • Proxy servers
  • Secure E-Mail Gateways
  • VPN gateways
  • Web application firewalls


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