• IT Solutions

    IT Solutions

    The efficient interaction of hard- and software to automate your business processes.
  • IT Solutions
An IT solution is the interaction of hardware and software, with the goal of representing a business process partially or completely automated.

We support you in optimizing your business processes with IT solutions and, if necessary, automating them completely. A careful conception and planning with the focus on economical, scalable and above all future-proof IT solutions, is our basis for the successful implementation of IT projects in the area of ​​small and medium-sized companies.
  • Backup & recovery
IT Solutions - Backup & Recovery
  • Design of backup concepts
  • Design of disaster recovery concepts
  • Installation and configuration of backup hardware and software
  • Clients
IT Solutions - Clients
Planning, installation and configuration of client systems for:
  • Audio editing and processing
  • Office applications
  • CAD applications
  • Thin and terminal clients
  • Video editing
  • Virtualized clients
  • Server
IT Solutions - Servers
Planning, installation and configuration of:
  • Application servers
  • Database servers
  • E-mail servers
  • File and storage servers
  • FTP servers
  • Virtualization hosts
  • Web servers
  • Storage
IT Solutions - Storage systems
Planning, installation and configuration of:
  • Cloud storage systems
  • NAS systems
  • SANs
  • Virtualization
IT Solutions - Virtualization
Planning, installation and configuration of virtualization environments for:
  • Clients
  • Servers
  • Storage Systems


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